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MashedbyMachines Album Cover

2011-12-23 02:35:15 by Inure

I suppose its due to be released soon enough but Ive finished the Album Cover for MbM's so the wait is on.
Can't post the cover itself before he releases it.. but go enjoy the songs before at his site!

I'm the lawmaker baby?

2010-11-25 21:40:46 by Inure

It's on.. what?


2010-10-20 19:56:56 by Inure

Got myself a new computer for my downtime times. So now being ill means more animating!

Also today I will actually put something on this, oh so time consuming, site!
Got tons of recent to old material that can be frowned upon by all.

first off is the profile pic;


New account!

2010-09-21 13:07:07 by Inure

Remember checking out NG or the first time in 2004, been hooked ever since!